a football match between two teams from the same city or area.
Man Utd v Man City (Manchester)
Arsenal v Chelsea (London)
Liverpool v Everton (Merseyside)
by International Bad Boy October 27, 2004
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slang for a popular strain of Cannabis originating in the 1970's called "Durban Poison" (or Durban, named after the South African port city). As mentioned in the Puff Daddy & Mase song when Mase raps; "I be out in Jersey puffin hershey, cuz brothas ain't worthy to rock my derby."
Smokin' on that derby all day erry day.
by uknowwhatjunk July 20, 2014
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A football match between teams from the same city or region.
by KING YID February 21, 2005
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noun, human detritus, esp. with perverse connotations.

Singular and plural are identical denoting a substance, as with water.
Phonetically it is a corrupted form of "debris" perhaps combined with "dirty", i.e. debris + dirty = derby.
1 - He couldn't help at first being repulsed by the crack-whore as he handed her the crumpled $10 bill, even though he knew he would be submerged in her rancid derby soon enough.

2 - She went back to work in the kitchen after using the bathroom without so much as washing the derby from her hands.
by hypomnesis October 6, 2009
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Simply the best place in the world, with an ammmazin football team, (much better than f**est)
If i could choose one place to live, it would be somewhere as good as Derby
by Matt October 25, 2004
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To be overwhelmingly intelligent. A Derby is likely to become an engineer, scientist, or local techie. Derby's are avid readers and sci-fi junkies. Look for one at the next star trek convention. A derby is also usually a pisces.
Einstein was a famous derby and a pisces.
by Derby J Armstead October 16, 2007
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