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One of the top five nicest towns in massachusetts...wealthiest and safest city of its size in the united states. chestnut hill, waban, west newton hill, and parts of newton center have both money AND class...connecticut should take some notes
Connecticut tool: fairfield is like sooooo fucking rich!
Massachusettian: yea, but there's more to life than money...the only reason fairfield is rich and republican is because ct used to have no income tax...goes to show ya! (newton=high victorian respectability, not 20th century nouveau riche)
by masshole? nah... April 29, 2007
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Massachusetts town for which Nabisco® 's classic fruit-filled cookie is named. The Fig Newton® celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1991; Nabisco® built a giant oven especially for the occasion to bake the world's largest cookie, over one city block long. Considering that Newton is a very Jewish burg, it does seem rather whacked that any corporation would build a giant oven there.

The Fig Newton® was almost named the "Fig Brockton," after another Boston suburb.
Newton, like neighboring Brookline, is a town full of over-cautious drivers who delight in sitting at red lights.
by Victor Felix November 22, 2005
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1) A Newton (N) is a unit of force equal to 1 (kilogram)(meter)/(second)^2. . . . NOT the way Jordan has written it. Without the ^2, you get mass*velocity, which is equal to momentum, not force. Named for Sir Isaac Newton.

2) A 17th century scientist credited for inventing calculus and discovering various principles of physics (e.g., gravity, 3 laws of motion, optics).
1) It took, like, 1000 Newtons to push my sister out of my room.

2) Sir Isaac Newton is my hero.
by Hoyvin-Mayvin June 08, 2005
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1. A metric unit of Force, formally written as (kilograms)(meters)/(seconds)

2. A 17th century scientist who pioneered Physics and Calculus.

3. A cookie that is, in reality, "fruit and cake"
1. " I must have applied at least 4*10^4 Newtons to that turd before it came out!"

2. "Isaac Newton is a big moron, Calculus is hard."

3. "Give me one of those figgy Newtons..... or is that figgy pudding?"
by Jordon December 10, 2003
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When you beat off while taking a shit, while timing it so you drop a huge log right as you spurt, causing an "equal but opposite" reaction.
He's been in the bathroom for a long-ass time...

Yeah, he's probably pullin' a Newton
by Mike January 21, 2006
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Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists of all times and lived in the 17th century. Isaac Newton explained the workings of the universe through mathematics. He formulated laws of motion and gravitation. These laws are math formulas that explain how objects move when a force acts on them
Newton thought that the universe worked like a machine and that a few simple laws governed it.
by nIicegurl January 30, 2005
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Newton is the surname of a group of charming individuals originating from " le Terre Haute" or " the highlands" of the Midwestern United States. This group consists mostly of civic minded, high functioning aristocrats with a love for pudding based desserts and communal pancake breakfasts. Physical features include; strong jawline, determined chin, special emphasis on straight white teeth and large foreheads. Common hangouts include; chili cook offs, college campuses, dunking booths, school fundraisers, Baesler's Market, the local 841, white elephant Christmas parties, the dessert table and funeral homes.
"Will there be any Newtons at this party?"

"Probably, keep an eye out for people with large foreheads and white teeth hovering around the Mormon funeral potato casserole."
by K.g. Enn July 07, 2017
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