One of the top five nicest towns in massachusetts...wealthiest and safest city of its size in the united states. chestnut hill, waban, west newton hill, and parts of newton center have both money AND class...connecticut should take some notes
Connecticut tool: fairfield is like sooooo fucking rich!
Massachusettian: yea, but there's more to life than money...the only reason fairfield is rich and republican is because ct used to have no income tax...goes to show ya! (newton=high victorian respectability, not 20th century nouveau riche)
by masshole? nah... April 29, 2007
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Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists of all times and lived in the 17th century. Isaac Newton explained the workings of the universe through mathematics. He formulated laws of motion and gravitation. These laws are math formulas that explain how objects move when a force acts on them
Newton thought that the universe worked like a machine and that a few simple laws governed it.
by nIicegurl January 30, 2005
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a town outside of Boston, MA. lots of snobby jewish princesses and toolish mushes. jews/irish/italian and maybe a little chinese. A mighty fine place to buy weed. Every high school grade down to the freshmen has at least a handful of weed dealers in it. reportedly, there has been sightings of white widow, white rhino, sour deisel, blueberry kush, purple kush. Yes, all of those strains. my circle of friends has never smoked anything less than headies. Thats how we role.
kid 1:im out of weed. I'd go anywhere to get good weed right now.
kid 2:well we should go over to newton and buy some good weed. maybe some shrooms too.
by surifacakin June 30, 2009
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newton is the safest city in america! fun.
by me February 27, 2005
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the world capital of disgustingly loaded, snobby, materialistic, juicy/abercrombie clad cloned teenage princesses who must hold a hair straightener at all times. known for its competitive, hyperactive, stepford-esque parents, and precious, self satisfied air. if one moves there they are likely to be newtonized.
don't go to newton. if you long for a place where the skies are always sunny, the air is crisp, and burritos fall from the skies, consider brookline, potheads and indie kids galore!
by zzoda September 14, 2007
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place i live. also known as jewton, it is steriotypically populated by cheap jews. the mayor is corrupt and he's been in office for 4 terms. it's way too liberal. but my backyard is cool so i'm not moving.
new sounds like jew
add ton to jew and it rhymes with newton
by boston hates kerry August 30, 2006
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a big city near right outside of boston that basically is full of older jewish people, and young irish/italian catholic people. Older people mainly worry about going to work-church and temple, and younger people worry about goin to the gym, partyin, and beating brookline kids in everything there is possible(and succeidng in it.
Brookline kid- r u pussies from newton?
newton kid- ahhh yea why r u so fuckin tough?
Brookline kid- cause we beat u guys
Newton kid- get the fuck outa here be4 i slap the so right off ur bro.
by enonomous mush October 28, 2006
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