Erry is a vernacular term. Being one of a group or series taken collectively; each: We go thrr erry day.
We go thrr erry day.

Whats up wit erry body.

erry whrr.
by Drakin April 16, 2007
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Erri is that cool but weird person that deserves everything in the world
Person: Erri is so kind

Person 2: I know :)
by Donewithlove April 22, 2020
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Erri is the sweetest, kindest, hardworking, most loving person you will ever meet. Even if you mess everything up and fall into a world of darkness, she will brighten up your day with love. She will make you feel so secure in yourself. She will give you suggestions if you ask for help, but try to help you stay confident in your choices too. She’s the friend that I’m so glad to have, I don’t know what I would do without her. She has the cutest laugh and a slight wheeze, it’s so fun to have her around for every joyful moment. Catch her if you can!
Erri, you’re so fun to be around.
by Kwon Carat December 5, 2020
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A slang for "every"
I told that nigga erry day that I would put this word in the urban dictionary
by Little Tyler August 22, 2017
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Is a very sexy person, she likes people called morgan and loves them very much, also, she is beautiful, funny and sarcastic, treats the few friends she has as best as she can, her real name is ellie.

she can be a bitch at times but only to people who deserve it.
can be quite artistic and musical.

a girl who is very lovable.
boy: oh look she's talking to morgan
girl: oh shes such an errie!

boy: shes a bitch!
girl: leave her alone, shes nice to me, shes my errie!
by Errie Wirriams September 21, 2012
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its a strong guy with a big heart.If you are in realitionship with him you feel better because he makes you happy all the time.They are a jeolus and protective guys in realitionship.Try to had it!
the name ERRIS its an albanian name
by bigkik November 22, 2021
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''erry-body in here hasn't drunken wooder (also philly terminology) in five days''
by lightskin shorty March 29, 2022
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