Fineness is a unique and fun person one that will make you laugh when you want to cry someone that never shuts up but you will fall in love with loyal and trustworthy and doesn’t tell lies she will tell you the truth no matter what will always have your back even though she is going through hard times she will be there for you never loose a fineness as she is very rare to find
Huh ? What's that? That's fineness
by Hello I’m bored May 21, 2019
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The cousin to the definition of fine.

If someone is fine fine they the most sexy person on the planet, not just their body is fine but their face fine too.
Oh shit, you see her over there? She fine fine
by Bxrridge April 24, 2019
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An expression to reinsure that, whatever the circumstances, it actually is fine.
-"I just found out I have AIDS"

-"It's fine it's fine"
by ckaram09 November 20, 2011
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when a girl says it's fine, it's not fucking fine. You better find out what the fuck you did and fix it quick.
by 09o8ikuyhtgtbnyntiu November 1, 2014
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What someone says when they're feeling like shit. They don't want to tell why they feel like shit and feel like hiding.
"How are you doing? You looked sad today."

"I'm doing fine. Thanks..."

by gavinfd November 17, 2007
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Something said when someone is offended and not actually fine, typically by women.
Dan: I'm sorry babe. I never meant to disrespect-
Ibesha: IT'S FINE. Really, it's fine. I just rly wanted chicken nuggets.
*Dan did not wake up the following day*
by Neytari May 1, 2018
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