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The lowest form of gambling life in Las Vegas. This person can only afford to gamble with red chips. They must be dragged kicking and screaming to any table that has a minimum bet of over $5.
Daryl: I still have not gotten my allowance from my parents, so I will be a redder for this Vegas trip.
by moraleboatanchor March 20, 2013
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When you foolishly reply to all to an email chain, and upon realizing your error, you compound the problem with a followup "replay to al" email. This email is composed so frantically that it is littered with spelling errors and so much jibberish that it makes the SCOAMF sound coherent in comparison, even when He is off teleprompter!
The following is an actual "replay to al" email:

"I'm sory, I didnot meant to replay to al. I clacked the wrong massage. Pleese fergive me."
by moraleboatanchor August 13, 2012
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If you want to know what the S.S. Debacle is, you gotta go to Vegas to find out!

This definition will be the ultimate test of the Urban Dictionary Rubber Stamp.
Pwned Nitwit: Man, I gotta go to Vegas to find out what this S.S. Debacle is!
by moraleboatanchor June 14, 2013
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Stack envy occurs in Vegas when someone is jealous of the size of your chip stack compared to theirs. They are usually broke, cheap, or both. Quite often they are a redder.

This person will usually hope that you lose your money, so as to reduce their jealousy.
Bagels: How much you bringing to Vegas?

Mich: Not much. Probably just two grand.

Bagels: OMG, I could never afford that much!!

Mich: You reek of stack envy.
by moraleboatanchor March 20, 2013
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A self invite, or SI, occurs when someone decides to invite themselves into an activity to which they were not explicitly invited.

An "epic SI" is a derivative of the SI, where this person continues to invite themselves after being explicitly told "you are NOT invited".

Very frequently, this type of social ineptitude leads to being labeled your dawg in jest.
Mich showed up at my Super Bowl party and ate all the chips. I didn't invite him, so he self invited himself!
by moraleboatanchor March 24, 2013
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Someone whose sole function at a company is to build the code that other people write. They must be available 24/7 to do what the actual engineers tell them. This includes 1am on Saturday.
Actual Engineer: Hey, I just finished my code update. Go build it, build beyatch.

Build Beyatch: Yes sir.
by moraleboatanchor August 14, 2012
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A comps leech is someone who goes on a Vegas trip that is paid for mostly by comps from the rest of the group without actually providing any comps. This parasite tends to be a redder, which explains their inability to accumulate any substantial comps. Despite receiving a free room, they refuse to pay for even a $7 cab ride. They show no appreciation for the free stuff they are receiving, and often feel entitled to even more stuff.
Mich: How come I have to sleep on the cot???

Chi Chi: Because my back hurts, and because you are a comps leech.

Mich: That's BS. I think we should take turns.

Chi Chi: Yeah we dont care what you think. Next question.
by moraleboatanchor May 01, 2013
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