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The kind of person you just want to punch in the mouth for being so damb annoying. They have no life and way too much time on their hands. They frequently use their excessive amount of time to annoy and monitor others, taddletale for small meaningless crap, butt into everybody's business except their own, and spy on people as if they think they are a cop or an important person or something. You know busy bodies when you see them: they evesdrop, will report you for "child abuse" when you discipline your kids in the mall by giving them a small smack on the hand, they knock on your apartment door for "being too loud" when chopping vegetables on your counter for dinner, will tell flight attendants something like "excuse me but I saw that man using his cell phone during the safety demo" and will tell a COP something like "excuse me sir but I saw that man's license plate tag as being expired." What do you want me to do about a cell phone or an expired tag you stupid, loser? I had a friend once who was a busybody. He told me 6 months after I moved to Arizona that "I am going to report your car to the state DMV if you dont get your car registered with the state." He did exactly what he said and I punched him in the face for it. We are not frinds anymore. I can't stand ANY busybody like this. Let's just say busybodies are the fingernails and we are their chalkboard.

Busy bodies are usually self-rightous hypocrites that are quick to point out the faults in others but get defensive when you point out theirs.
I can't stand any busybody. I want to puch them all in the mouth.
by December 17, 2007
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A person who constantly gossips and talks bad about people and spreads rumors about them in order to cause problems and conflict.
That Busybody spreads rumers like it is her profession.

She is the neighborhood busybody.
by josh1983 August 11, 2008
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An annoying stupid person (usually obese and arrogant) that gets under your finger nails and attempts to control you when they have no actual authority over you.
"Wow, there goes Cheri again, attempting to be other children's mother and interfering with other people's decisions. It's too bad she can't leave others alone and stop denying reality."
by Ed Gein July 06, 2005
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A dumbass who has too much tim on their hands. They use this time to annoy, monitor, and try controlling others. AltarCrystal is a prime example of this.
Oh look at that, there goes AltarCrystal being a busybody faggot once again. Why doesn't he ever mind his fucking business? People like him should be killed.
by JAGF February 04, 2004
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A busybody is that bitch who likes to talk shit about you behind your back and tell people how fucked up your relationship is when she is a hypocrite.
Sydney acted like a busybody and told Jasmine that Rene didn't got to class and that it 's his girlfriends fault. Jasmine told his girlfriend to stop dating Rene; his girlfriend punched Sydney and Jasmine in the face.
by BitchThatTakeNoShit January 13, 2016
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Someone who's constantly doing shit and seems to never sleep
"My mom is such a busy-body. She raises 3 kids, goes to PTA meetings, cooks, cleans, and helps with homework all on her own."
by Dallas Helton July 15, 2006
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A person who has a lot of men/women or a lot of baby daddy’s/momma’s
That lady is a busy body, she’s had too many kids
by Jay linin June 07, 2018
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