Justly, precisely, or in an honest way and without any doubt.
We won the game fair and square.
She hit me fair and square on the nose.
by Coell March 15, 2006
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1. When you tell the person "hey I'm stealing this (typically an object of no value)" with an undertone of 'and there aint a damn thing you are gonna do about it'.
2. When a person sees you pick up an object and turn and walk away with it and don't say anything about it.
Person one: he said you took his whistle
Person two: yeah but I stole it fair and square man, I told him I was taking it
by Hrmnypeacelove August 11, 2017
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a term used to describe the fairness of a situation/remark
"hey timmy, do you think it would be fair if you carpooled today since i did yesterday"
"fair as a square, mark!"
by Nick-Net-Nad February 2, 2010
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A square is a cigarette, and saying I’m fair for a square is like saying yeah I’m up for a cig I want one
Person 1: Ay yo you wanna smoke?
Person 2: I’m fair for a square
by ahmedm312 May 16, 2019
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