1. To own someone in something they're good at.

2. Also an item in most video games that gives you an extra life, so when you die, you can continue your game.
1. Josh went up to Jon and challenged him on Guitar Hero 2, Josh won. "Oooh! He just 1-up'd you!"

2. "Grab the 1-up! You only have 1 life left."
by 7even0h7ev August 27, 2007
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1. An extra life(or extra man) that you need in order to progress through a video game. In fact, you'll need enough of these to make considerable progress. Especially if you suck at the game. 1-ups are usually risky and difficult to obtain as items.
2. Also can be another term for sexual intercourse. Shortened form of "1 dick up (one's) pussy or ass."
Damn, Mark sure has a such a quick reaction time and alot of luck to beat Mario Bros on his first time playing it. He beat the whole game singlehandedly without relying on any 1-ups he earned! Mario surely must be happily spending all those 1-ups on Princess Toadstool in bed at this time!


Damn, Mark really sucks at Mario Bros! He can't even get past the first level no matter how many attempts and always uses up his 1-ups! Mario must surely be getting all his 1-ups back indabutt from Bowser in his dungeon at this time!

Mark H. Proud UD author since February 2004.
by Mark H July 6, 2005
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1. To be better than, and/or to have done something better than another.
2. Mario f*ing Princess Peach.
1: I just 1-uped your ass, Bitch!
2: *Mario humping Peach* 1-up, 1-up, 1-up.....
by Paula Koala February 11, 2008
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1. to switch lanes while approaching a light in hopes of advancing positions in the queue. esp. to advance one position by switching lanes.

2. any manuever to outdo an adversary.
1. I got 1-upped by that slut in the Beamer up there cause she couldnt wait behind that dump truck.

2. MacGyver could 1-up anyone in any situation except his nemesis Murdoch.
by The Judge is on Fire May 19, 2006
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a character on homestarrunner.com; lives in the year 20X6 on planet K with stinkoman
hey stinkoman, evrybody says your the guy, I WANNA BE THE GUY TOO!
by DumDe May 3, 2005
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My girl is the best ever, she even gave me a 1 up the other day!
by Garbage Dick May 3, 2008
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First seen in Super Mario Bros. Picking it up gives you an extra life. (duh!) Seen in about every Mario game.
Mario got teh 1-up mushroom!!!!!!!1111one
by StraightFMan August 1, 2004
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