Man, I was picking up chicks at the dance last night, and John only had 1 number. What a tyro!
by moofoo February 16, 2005
Some one who does graffiti, but really sucks at it, so their pieces look like vomit, and they have to write and excuse next to every piece they do because of how bad it is.
Damn you see the kid getting up on the train station the other day?

Yeah, man he sucks, hes a tyro.
by Crack hea' mutha fucka May 1, 2008
Beginners in learning something. Plural form of tyro.
The objective is to provide tyros with an introduction to the instruments which will be used to assemble digital circuits.
by Kyle Davis1 January 7, 2008
A hot steamy diarrhea or shit.
Raid Leader: Why are you late?
Raider: Sorry I'm late coming back from break, I was taking a tyro.
by Goezindry March 30, 2021
deft (děft): dexterous; skillful; clever
tyro (tī'rō): beginner; initiate; novice
ceo of campany: reyna is a new associate with our company she's quite a deft-tyro.

tl: so she'll be quite an asset, i'll be happy to work with her.
by [reysofsunshine] October 23, 2009