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Similiar meaning to ouch, just ouch with more sass.
Bruce: Woah! She bit him on the testicle!
Sebastian: Yea man. Ooshay...
by Grant Hayes April 4, 2006
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The most awesomely hardcore blasphemous thing you can say. Try to reserve this amazing phrase to times which require a little extra. Like when the earth explodes, or you wake up to find a 50ft high dildo standing over your girlfriend’s corpse quietly singing god save the queen.
Boss: You're fired. Oh and I fucked your wife and she died.
Miguel: Eh.
Boss: Wtf.
Miguel: My job and wife were boring me. Time to purge myself and move on.
Miguel (walking out yells over shoulder): Hey! By the way, that wasnt my wife. I put your wife in disguise.
by Grant Hayes May 6, 2005
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1. To rearrange data on a disk so that it is stored seqentially rather than randomly, thus decreasing total access times. Fairly useless on new, fast drives.

2. Antonym of frag. Ie, to bring someone back to life.
1. Dirko: My 486 is running like a bag of shit.
Atticus: Defrag the dunga!

2. Game consol: Dirko was fragged by Poonani
Dirko: Damn, I need to be defragged. This definition is so stupid.
by Grant Hayes September 14, 2005
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1. A term used to describe one who is acting like a fuckwit - partaking in activities which are foolish and / or irritating to others.

2. Sometimes used as a semi-endearing term, to describe a friend's ridiculous but amusing capers.
1. Dirko: Dude, the sheer amount of fuckwitism going on drove me away from the Post Office Hotel.
Luko: Christ...

2. Dirko: Hey I have an idea. To relieve my frustration I will travel to the local bowling alley and climb the trees outside, throw rocks, and pick up 15 year old girls!
Luko: Oh jesus. Let the fuckwitism begin...
by Grant Hayes November 14, 2005
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Mostly used in small towns in queensland. Predominately Maryborough.
1. An exclamation of frustration, usually at an annoying situation. Can be used in the place of words like crap, shit, damn, dang and so on.
2. A term used to describe something crappy or dodgy. Ie, an old rusty, smoky VL commodore.
1. Waity: My car broke down again. We cannot go to the fair and its associated hot women.
Dirko: Dunga!
2. Waity: We will have to take the EA to the fair.
Dirko: Dammit. When the chicks see that dunga they will run and hide.
by Grant Hayes September 7, 2005
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A rock band that originating from Perth, Australia. Has already within a few years shot from unknown status to semi-well known and has released some very tight albums, some of their tracks being featured on tv/movies.

Destined to be famous everywhere, The Panics play music which is like nothing else out there. Exquisitely atmospheric, whilest still down to earth with a distinctive live sound, but does this without producing the sometimes overwhealming "wall of sound" that other indie bands can be notorious for.
The Panics are becomming famous.
by Grant Hayes December 26, 2005
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Has pretty much the same meaning as ass. Used when you want to say ass without actually saying ass. Under normal circumstances, an utterance of ass will potentially attract a spanking from one's maternal figure. The usage of assvogel aims to avert this act of child abuse.
Billy: Oh man, you pwned me in nfs2 again!
Wolfgang: Pwn!? You ASS!
Momma Wolfgang: ROAR. *Spank*. ROAR.

--now with assvogel--

Billy: Oh man, you pwned me in nfs2 again!
Wolfgang: Pwn!? You assvogel!
Momma wolfgang: You're a good kid, Wolfy.
by Grant Hayes July 9, 2005
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