Sentient programs within the Matrix, the law enforcers for the Machine organization. They all resemble tall white males in suits and sunglasses. They can move in and out of any hardware directly connected to the Matrix, which means that anyone who's mind has not been liberated is potentially an Agent. They have amazing abilities not limited to super strength, speed, accuracy, and masterful skill of all martial arts. Only one human has ever been able to defeat any Agents who attempt to oppose him: the One, Neo. Now that he is deceased, Zion operatives can do only one thing when they see Agents: run.
"I've seen an Agent punch through a concrete wall, men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their speed is still based in a world that is built on rules..."
by clowmanus February 11, 2005
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What conspiracy theorists like to call the people who don't believe in their wacko theories and who will argue against the theorists with reasonable arguments and evidence. Theorists will claim these people are working for the government and a part of the conspiracy.
Those conspiracy theorists called me an agent because I actually provided a reasonable explanation why a purple elephant didn't crash into the Pentagon on 9/11.
by Castun July 26, 2008
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Agent refers to a cigarette that is emptied and instead filled with weed (or a mix of tobacco and weed).

It can be used in public since it goes as a "cigarette".

Especially practical if you are in the pub/bar, or places where marijuana is not allowed.
Ex.1)"Did you bring the agent?"
Ex.2)"Should we bring an agent to the pub?"
by F.C Huges April 8, 2018
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1. The boss of the actor/actress/author who treats him/her like a child. There are some cases where an ACTUAL child is an actor/actress.
2. A person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.
Emma Watson's agent doesn't let her make her own choices.

My agent was pushing me to sell my house for cash.

My agent said I should sell as many copies as possible.
by frabrizio September 16, 2016
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a person, persons, or groups of people that are ignorant and follow the dystopia of the masses (aka, the in crowd).
In the words of my homeslice, O'Dawg:

"In the Matrix trilogy, All agent were dudes & wore suits. In reality...agents males & females wear & are the following ....


White Tees, Blue Jean, dreadlocks, goodteeth, trapboys, crappy rappers,drive chevys, & are unfit baby daddies.


Colorful dresses with sneakers, fluffy He-Man boots, bunny slippers (wears them in the public)

wear revealing clothes that show off their "bootydo", are usually babymamas, & only want to be nurses &/or do hair..

They both live to be ignorant & love all that is ignorant. Crunk music, Trap music,etc. They refuse to like anything that makes them think like Hip Hop & Education. They only live for the moment & curse around elders & talk loud on the bus or in public places. They go to public places & put their phones on speaker Like We Wanna Hear Their Convo!

They only listen to the radio all day & only buy mixtapes with the same 12 songs. Oh they watch BET all day.

Most have kids & let them be babysat by the TV. The females pop gum or their tongues when they talk & the males talk like they have cotton mouth.....

As far as relationships. Males only want a female to hit & are scared to commit because of their want of "Living for the moment". & the females only want a "Trill azz negga"...aka a thug....someone who will be dependant of them & their walfare checks."
by Etarah July 31, 2006
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Guys who suck in comparison to Neo
by Justin March 18, 2005
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The Agents are a big federal organization which hunts down outlaws and paranoid teenagers or adults

For a normal and sober person they are fictional or blend in very well in our world but actually they are rouge creations made by the ushevite

The only real way to know if the agents are hunting you is to be tripping balls. When you finally see them it is common to experience intense panic or paranoia for a few seconds, thinking that they will bust yo ass but this symptom can be easily avoided if you rush to a safe house
If you start to see The Agents even when you are completely sober it is likely that you suffer from the agent disease which can lead to non-stop paranoia, fear, nausea or the feeling to be non-stop high so you can sense the agents from a larger radius
Doro: I am hungry wanna go grab something to eat?
Mario: Nah bro I think that the agents are coming for me I'm going home
by Bradorko March 24, 2019
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