A person who doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves. This person tends to treat others like shit. They are usually hated by everybody.
They are so inconsiderate.
by DADDYRAY 230393 October 16, 2019
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Acting like a selfish asshole without regard to anyone elses feelings or need for sleep.
Inconsiderate Asshole: Rips covers off of naked, sleeping girlfriend at 5:30am...

Awesome Girlfriend: WTF are you doing?

Inconsiderate Asshole: Looking for a lighter, I think it might be in the bed

Awesome Girlfriend: Fuck you.
by jiggybit March 8, 2013
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This person usually doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. They are the biggest assholes you’ll ever meet. They are hated among most people.
by DADDYRAY 230393 October 16, 2019
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without thought or consideration for others; thoughtless.
Person one- Man, i couldn't sleep last night. Everyone in my house was being loud.
Person two- They're all so inconsiderate.
Person one- I know!
by ineedsleepman November 15, 2009
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An adjective referring to the state of disguising inconsiderate action as assertive; having false empowerment resulting in any action that fails to consider the rights of others and basic common sense.
person 1: I wanted to throw a good party at my apartment, so I put on some reggaeton, turned up the bass on my stereo until the walls shook and didn't turn it down until 4 am.

person 2: You must be very proud, that was very inconsiderive of you.

raver 1: I'm going to the center of the floor and swing my glowsticks around really fast so I will look cool as I dance.

raver 2: You will be the coolest inconsiderive candy raver here!

I think you’re inconsiderive because you show up late every time and say that people need to learn to wait for you.
by sarcasm42 October 25, 2010
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1) Heedless, thoughtless and lacking the ability to take others into consideration before acting.

2) Rude, boorish
3) Adjective describing the most common stereotypes of the following types of people: celebrities, teenagers, loud people, attention whores, road ragers, party animals, sluts, illegal immigrants demanding rights, Bible beaters/religious/anti-religious radicals, political radicals, politically liberal people, doomsayers, douchebags, fags (Harley riders) and pretty much anyone who regularly does or says things which hurt or annoy others around them.
Wow, that hypocritical douchebag telling us how to run our country is so inconsiderate.
by FunInFact May 25, 2010
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inconsiderate: SAMs, disrespectful shady rude impolite trashy thoughtless narcissistic sociopath sadistic
inconsiderate: sams, disrespectful shady rude impolite trashy thoughtless narcissistic sociopath sadistic

His girlfriend was crying hysterical begging sams to stop talking to his "past" fuck buddies, but sams didn't want to be mean to his side-chicks or lose any followers on snapchat.

"She keeps trying to get you to cheat on me! Please just block her! This makes me really uncomfortable! Next she will be sending you nudes!"
"No hunny I don't block people, thats not who I am, that is mean. And I don't want to lose any followers. Now put that knife down and stop threatening to kill yourself, you're being a big baby. Just because I used to fuck these chicks, doesn't mean we can't still all be friends. Girls just do that sometimes to mess with a relationship. Don't worry."

*sends snap asking if same girl wants to go swimming together alone*

"You're going swimming with her?!"
"It's just the pool babe, and we never get in at the same time, I swear. We're jussssssssst friends. I kinda hate her too. She like cheated on me or something. Whatever that is! Ha! Whats cheating anyway? Don't worry babe."
"Oh hey Alyssa!"

"A guy just texted you asking to hookup? WTF BLOCK HIM NOW AND TELL HIM WE ARE MARRIED! GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!"
by betrayed&suicidal February 26, 2018
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