default (1, Noun)
default (2, Adjective)

1. Given to reverting to an easier or more comfortable, less risky option when confronted with a choice.

2. Displaying behavioural traits that could be described as being 'default'.
*1, This car is beyond conservative, it's default!

*2, When asked whether he wanted to go out clubbing with his friends, he decided to stay home with mum, the default bastard.
by Jim C August 9, 2005
Default? Woo hoo! The two sweetest words in the English language: De-fault! De-fault! De-fault!
by Smmimmy January 27, 2009
a person who is replaced as your fake crush, so no one knows your actual crush
So do you really like Brian or is he just a default for Jay?
by QUEEN cendall February 17, 2016
The Art of Failing Miserably.
Wow you just defaulted hard.
by Exzion April 21, 2008
straight people, who are not fruity. in other terms, a basic straight person.
omg did you see jessica’s hair it’s so basic! what a default!
by godshotbreath February 6, 2021
the person your guest plays on in halo 2 cuz you dont wanna waste time making him his own profile
by metalhead8231 August 31, 2008
1)verb, used mostly in first person shooters. When a player makes a great kill. The said player then yells out default (pronounced: deeeeefault) in a very deep voice. Made very popular by the famous first person shooter, Halo
1)Man, that was one ugly kill. You got your ass defaulted.
by Rico Chocolate December 25, 2005