noun; pronounced like the letter "D" but in a low growl; only can be said after the phrase "nah, dude." Was originally done to clear the throat, but has since become a common usage of vocabulary.
Hey you want some pasta? Nah dude, deee!
by J Money For Three June 6, 2006
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Deee is a hot, beautiful girl who has some soft buns and might pogger tiddies
Me: have you seen deee?
Them: ofc who can't! Shes gorgeous and supple!
by Not empress kat July 22, 2021
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A gangsta rapper from California, US. He is pretty good at spitting rhymes but sometimes uses the same rhythm when rapping over beats. Other than that he is sick, even though Gangsta Rap is bullshit and negative, aside that, lyrical-wise he is good, but he has his major flaws as well which include getting into a fight with a teacher in 3rd grade the dropping out and being a gang member since childhood and still raps about it. But what's worse is that he was hanging out with Snoop Dogg, the fake gangster but dope rapper, which made things worse for a gangbanger like Deee.
Gutter hood guy : Yo ma nigga you heard that Tray Deee album? Shit's bangin'
Normal guy : Tray Deee can rap, but he's still a stupid gangbanger.
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 3, 2020
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A feeling of extreme constipation which suddenly explodes into your toilet bowl.This is usually followed by extreme soarness of the anus.

Plus During a Poop Deee the anus makes awful squelching sounds followed by sounds of a person straining.
GAAAAAAAAWHHHHHHHHH *Squelch* gah dat was a massive Poop Deee
by Toiletrain September 29, 2010
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beyond retarded foam helmet wearing such as amethystine and firebird1986

wow that taco muncher amethystine is so dee dee deee with her pixel humper firebird
by TacoMuncher June 20, 2008
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