beyond retarded is nearly reaching final level of retardness. When calling someone retarded isn't enough, beyond retarded will just cut the chase and do the trick. We have fail, and epic fail. And we have retarded and beyond retarded.
League of legends ongoing game:

TITOV: Hey guys, they are too strong, too fast, let's give up
I R Rumble: You are beyond retarded -.- being beaten up by bots?!
by uplink March 1, 2012
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The apex of retardation. The absolute most retarded a person can ever be. This is the highest possible retard level there is.
John: I am so pissed off at you right now because I forgot my laptop at home.
Owen: Are you beyond ultra retarded? You got pissed off at me for something you did.
by Samarium November 23, 2020
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