9 definitions by Juan Marcia Cortez

A mediocre rapper with a mediocre hit song which happened to have a good and catchy hook sang by a country music artist Billy Cyrus. This song was overrated in 2019 followed by tons of crappy remixes. Still better than Despacito though.
12 year old : Yo Lil Nas X is a beast at making songs.
Adult : No, his rhymes are mediocre, your essays are much better than his lyrics, sorry but he sucks.
12 year old : *cries*
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 04, 2020
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A gangster rapper from California. His rapping is pretty good but he threatens too much and tries to sound tough on records when he is a short and skinny thug idiot. He loves to write rhymes about humiliating hookers that his own friends from his clique, sell. His music is very negative and one of the reasons why gangbangers are finding it more difficult to get out of the hood.
Stupid West coast thug : Hey yo, you heard Kurupt's songs?
Normal black guy : He is good at rapping but the things he talks about on the beats are too stupid for anyone to care about.
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 05, 2020
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He was the prime minister of Mauritius from 1995-2000, 2005-2010, 2010-2014. He is one of the best leaders of Mauritius and has great skills when it comes to speeches. Even though he had many flaws such as partying with other women, hiding his coffer containing Rs 220,000,000 and using foul language with a cameraman, he is still a great leader, but it's just that the other ministers under his government were poorly-skilled at decision-making.
Mauritian : Navin Ramgoolam is a true leader.
Mauritian 2 : Yes, but he has too many flaws.
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 03, 2020
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Motion Picture Shit is a studio music album by rap band G-Unit.The album has a bunch of rap songz written by 50 Cent and the G-Unit band.
by Juan Marcia Cortez August 04, 2017
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A heavy assault-rifle that the main character of the Splinter Cell video game series, Sam Fisher uses. The SC-2OK also has the ability to launch smoke grenades, sticky cameras, sticky shockers to knock out opponents and also has a scope which can be zoomed in. The rate of fire can be switched from 1 bullet per trigger to 4-5 bullets per trigger.
Lambert : Sam, retrieve your SC-20K in the storage room
Sam : Got it.
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 03, 2020
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A french rapper whose real name is Ellie Yaffa. He was a member of the french hip-hop duo "Lunatic" and at that time he was making good music with his rapping partner "Ali". But then after releasing his first solo and only good album "Temps Mort" in 2002, he became arrogant and started making trash music using a boring accent and tone. After 2012, he only uses autotune in his music now, which makes it even more boring.
French rap fan : Booba is the greatest french rapper of all time.
Random guy : Fuck no ! His rap style sucks and his voice tone is boring. Fuck Booba, La Fouine is much better.
by Juan Marcia Cortez March 30, 2020
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A gangsta rapper who is a member of Tha Eastsidaz group, has a nice flow, rhymes and delivery but still talks about what every stupid out-of-the-hood rapper raps about. Classless hoodrats, money, gangbanging and AKs. He has a sick flow on the song Get U Right, but yeah other than the rapping, gangsta rap sucks ass when it comes to lyrical substance.
Stupid Thug : Yo you heard Goldie Loc's verse on "Got Beef ft. Jayo Felony, Tray Deee, and Snoop Dogg?"
Normal black man : Goldie Loc raps pretty good but still the same average, boring hood bars about hoodrats and crips, too negative for me.
by Juan Marcia Cortez January 03, 2020
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