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the action of one being so devoted to their gf/bf that it makes people sick to their stomach.
Joe is so whipped, hes debbed, he does anything she wants him to, its making me sick!
by chass10 July 29, 2009
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Another word for "bitched." Like when someone doesn't talk to you, gives you a smartass answer, or if you are a very very bitchy probation officer.
You are in the waiting room when someone calls your name, holding the door open. As soon as you get close to the door, they slam it in your face. You have been debbed.
You are with someone of authority (i.e. a teacher) and they drop some papers. You look at them politely and ask "Did you want me to pick those up?" They look back with only their eyes over their glasses and say, "Yes," in a tone of "you should have known to just do it." You've been debbed.
by Beckster_023 July 16, 2008
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