After sitting around for hours drinking more than a few beers, my brother-in-law and I got into a debation as to whether sun dials were still accurate.
by Rhapsody Cowboy June 30, 2011
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To remove the wings from a bat causing it to transform into an actual mouse. Once debat'ed a bat turned mouse (aka bat-born mouse) cannot be rebat'ed, as sufficient technology does not yet exist to perform this complex biologic process. However, a native mouse (mouse-born mouse) may be bat'ed in the right laboratory setting. Under stringent lab conditions found in only several labs in the world (most notably Lucerne, Switzerland) a mouse can be fitted with genetically engineered wings grown from tissue culture using advanced cloning technology. Fitting a mouse with these wings (bat'ing) causes the mouse to become a bat.

A notable distinction in the process of debat'ing occurs if a bat that is debat'ed was in fact a vampire. Under these conditions, a vampire bat that is debat'ed becomes a human being. A human being fitted with wings, on the other hand, does not become a vampire, rather, said individual would become Icarus.
Dude, where did you get that cool-looking mouse?

I caught a bat that was flying around our attic and debat'ed it.
by VenVanWrinkle February 19, 2012
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noob: I spell debateable right

me: that's debatable.

noob: no it's debateable

me: no it isn't it's debatable

(infinite loop goes on)
by sak_ura March 13, 2021
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said if you disagree or just want to be an asshole. greatest word ever...taking the world by storm!
Pat: Pitt is gonna win it all this year.

DJ: Debatable! they can't even win the division
by --DJ-- September 14, 2009
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A phrase used to dismiss previous statements that contradict the current image that one is trying to uphold.
"How do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock principles for you, and now you guys seem to be pals?" Stephen Colbert asked.

"It was a debate," Kamala Harris said about her fierce attacks on Biden.
by 2020-2000 October 09, 2020
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The perfect response or comeback to any statement. This simple word can be used as a comeback or simply just to disagree with someone. Perfect for any situation and also to stop people in their tracts and to shut them up. It also can be used in place of false. I'm not saying i invented the word but I'm spreading it
Chris: That girl is pretty hot
Marco: Debatable!

Anonymous female: Hey I'm pregnant and its yours
by TheIS February 02, 2012
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Did anyone watch the vice presidential debate? I am pretty sure Governor Palin was confused about what to do the entire time.
by J.Swickers October 03, 2008
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