word used by an immigrant c++ teacher.
"Your stupid actions are driving me into an infinite loop."
by Jess May 19, 2003
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The act of two men having anal intercourse with each other at the same time. Coined by the Kielbasa Squadron.
Mark and Sean were in an infinite loop when we walked into the house. We were all surprised!
by Jschweitz June 17, 2010
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Programming term used to describe a never ending sequence.
for(int i = 1; i > 0; i++)

// Infinite Loop

by chubsanon001 January 21, 2013
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Term used to describe two people's argument on two seperate but identical items. Due to the simularity, the argument is unwinnable, and due to the lack of a winner, it is also a recurring disagreement. Mostly the items are being fought for on the grounds on personal preference, and most are pointless.
Guy 1: There they go again, stuck in another infinite loop...
Guy 2: Is it about Apple and Microsoft again?
Guy 1: Yes... hopefully it's short.
Guy 2: When has it ever been?
Both: *sigh*
by Hackintosh March 6, 2011
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also known as: infintestimal loopus; refers to achieving 100% productivity efficency (.01 deviation allowed) that to date only 0.00000124% of the human population with the 'super advanced' genetic code can possess.

Recently contested among the scientific community, there has been growing popularity that certain robots (mainly japanese in origin) may also possess infinite loop productivity levels.

Conversely, hard lined religious groups believe that individuals possessing the gift of infinite loop are believed to be prophets sent down to heaven to protect man-kind.

It is also rumored that a joint partnership between Intel Corp. and the US government are working on a new A.I. chip codenamed 'Infinite Loop whut whut?' that plans to replace 24% of the current North American work force.
(1) "Wow, did you see that? He just did an infinite loop during the meeting"
(2) "You're kidding me, how the infinite loop did he get away with that?"
by Infinite Loop 1 August 18, 2010
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When you are playing Call of Duty, and you have to do something else, like school or work, and you tell yourself "One more match" after every match, but always find an excuse to play another, and another, and another, etc. Time loses all meaning while in this loop.

Man, I need to go to work. But I didn't do so good that

match, just one more then I'm done...


Alright! 33-4! I'm on a roll, can't stop now!!!


Damn, team lost that time. Gotta avenge that loss!


Ok...that's it, time to go to wo...oh, a party invite....maybe just one more match.....
by Wickonis Parable February 9, 2010
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