correct spelling for "dirth" from old english meaning a lack of, or insignificant amount.
by tantric_tonto September 07, 2006
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1. His pose revealed the full extent of his dearth.
2. Upon viewing the underwater images of naked bodies, we realized you could clearly see the models dearth.
3. Plumbers dearth
by count d monet September 30, 2011
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a slutty whore that steals her friends sidekicks and sucks wieners for 3 pennies. usually emo blonde/brown hair and has no friends.
megan is a big dearth
by hamjacob March 12, 2007
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A hybrid of Herp Derp. Whenever you see a chick who is dirty and incompetent the phrase is suitable for usage. It is only used when referring to someone in particular, or when ever their name comes into conversation.
Bro 1: "Man, did you see Julie today?"
Brah 2: "Birth Dearth!"
by brownz99 June 01, 2010
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To be lacking in substance, constitution or value. Adj. form in reference to a person typically concerns a shortcoming or absence in moral fiber, productivity or work ethic. Related to oxygen thief and antithetical to the Nietzschean Ubermensch as a drain on the collective strength and well-being of the human species.

The human subject is typically able-bodied, affluent or fiscally comfortable and suffers no shortage of consumer power, receipt of State resources and occupation of physical space-time. Dearths of worth, by nature, defy existing laws of nature and cannot be defined in terms of classical physics and Aristotelian, Copernican or Newtonian mechanics. Human dearths of worth likewise cannot be categorised in standard anthropological taxonomy or psychological evaluation. Most human dearths of worth do however adhere to the Law of Energy Conservation by their exertion of minimal energy and effort in producing as little new capital as possible. Conversely, they may also engage in and cause vast expenditure of labor in work which produces little or no tangible results in economic or cultural advancement. The contrast between this state of existence and their pathological inability to contribute to the betterment of humanity may find comparisons in quantum theory and deep cosmology; the living 'dearths of worth' are analogous to black holes and antimatter.
'Living' dearths of worth should not be confused with wasters or alkies. Substance abusers provide cultural enrichment by caricature, dramatic representation and living examples to provide educative warnings to others; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Trainspotting being two examples. Likewise, living dearths of worth are not by definition jobless or workshy; many have regular employment and even command positions of financial and political power. Examples include hedge fund managers and institutions which receive gargantuan fiscal rewards after causing catastrophic economic damage.

"Tha' new lassie Deborah's been hingin' abit noat daen' any o'the paperowrk. Uht's a disgrace."
"Ah, Jock, Deborah is not new. She has been here four years now. I do not think in such time she has produced one viable body of paperwork in all that time."
"Sae why d'the bosses keep her oan fir?"
"It defies rational explanation. She is a dearth of worth."

"The dog just sits there. Three house fires and not so much as a bark. The owners love him though, always buying him luxury dog treats."
"They've got themselves a dearth of worth for a pet."

"He speaks of the superiority of his race and its accomplishments."
"What does he do for a living?"
"He sells write-off cars to college students and young mothers."
"What does he do in his spare time?"
"He shouts at his television and writes hate mail to the local school board."
"He is most likely a dearth of worth."
by GoodFellaJack July 30, 2014
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the increasing inability of Google to furnish relevant search results.
"I was trying to do a search to find out how many carbohydrates are in this herbal medicine. So I used Google"
"how did your search go?"
"I got carb counters for culinary herbs, lots of information on weight loss herbs, lots of places where I could buy herbs, lots of ads for low carb diets, but absolutely no information on whether slippery elm is too loaded with carbs for me to use for nasal polyps while on my diet-- wow! I got hit again by Google Dearth!"
by Coz the Shroom February 25, 2012
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