A game show on NBC in which contestants open cases that have various amounts of money in them. If they select that case, that amount is not in play. Then, the "Banker" calls host, Howie Mandel, and gives the contestant an "offer" based on what amouts are left.
Are you going to watch Deal or No Deal tonight?
by Chase April 26, 2006
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When men see a female, there is a small tussle inside the man's mind. He tries to decide whether he would take part in sexual intercourse with her or not. When he decides, he yells "DEAL" if he would like to have sex with her, or "NO DEAL" if he does not. All his male friends should hear so they can view and give their own comments on the girl.

Guy 1 - "There's Carmen Electra! DEAL!"
Guy 2 - "DEAL!"
Guy 3 - "DEAL!"

Guy 1 - "But oh no, here comes Amy Winehouse! NO DEAL!"
Guy 2 - "NO DEAL"
Guy 3 - "DEAL"
Guy 1 and 2 "What the fuck?!?!??!"
by Rossness August 10, 2009
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Denoting importance of a given individual or event. Complimenting someone for their strong leadership and charisma.
by Marlena Elayne Taylor June 10, 2005
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Same as no. Has many other uses and is more flexible. Can be used to shut someone up mid sentence
Example of No:
"Can I have some ?" "NO DEAL!"
Example of Flexibility:
"I love you" "NO DEAL!"
by Davzies Boys April 17, 2003
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When you act like boyfriend girlfriend but you're not actually. it also sometimes does lead to boyfriend girlfriend potencial.
We're not together, we're just DEALING.
by KIKI December 05, 2004
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A quaint shit hole located in southern Anne Arundel County and situated on the Cheasapeak Bay. Deale is compriesed of mostly alcoholics who live in the swamp and feed on crabs. They can be seen lurking through the swamp grass on their way to captian kids liquor store.
I had an old bay sandwich with mayonnaise in Deale.
by Steven B Anthony June 04, 2011
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