(noun) one who procrastinates until the actual deadline of a task or project.
Guy1: Isn't your term paper due tomorrow?
Guy2: Yeah...
Guy1: Why aren't you working on it?
Guy2: I'll work on it tomorrow...
Guy1:You're such a deadliner. You'll never get it done.
by rvanm March 6, 2011
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A line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot.
114563: Don't cross the deadline man. Warden Hanson will shoot you down.
483190: I have to escape. I can't stay in this hellhole any longer!
by Order 65 July 3, 2017
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Noun, Temporal:

Designates the approximate point in time at which work begins in earnest; employee motivation is frequently observed to be "dead" before the deadline draws near.
"Christ, it's the nearly deadline already?! Hey Pete, put down the controller my friend - it's time that we looked at these shuttle schematics."
by Joshua B. Wright April 5, 2004
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To persue one particular goal, above all others, before a deadline.
Man 1: "Hey you want to go for lunch?"
Man 2: "No I can't. I'm deadlining these orders."
by omega_wraith February 22, 2007
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The point at which work should held until, and then handed over to others all in one go.
"Shall we pass the orders to traffic and comm prod?"

"nah, deadline isn't till 5pm"
by Disgruntled December 21, 2005
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1.A military term used to describe the operational condition of a piece of equipment. It means the equipment in question is NMC or is broken down. Equipment can be deadlined for safety reasons such as fuel leaks, inop headlights, Missing seatbelts, etc.
2.To have an injured body part limiting your ability to perform certain actions.
1.I can't get a dispatch for my truck, the fucking headlights are inop.
Looks like we're not going anywhere today, my panzer is throwing fuel everywhere, run over to the CPand tell the XO we're saftey deadlined.
2. No freq hopping for me this weekend, My main gun is deadlined from that girl last week.
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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A deadline refers to a practice in earlier prison camps which were usually farms and therefore had no real fences and so the deadline was literally a perimeter line that if you crossed you would be shot and most likely killed.
Can you imagine if they were to enact old school deadlines in place of the modern equivalent? I bet everyone would turn their work in on time with that kind of pressure. Unless of course they were suicidal and too lazy to do it themselves.
by saharadryhumor January 8, 2015
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