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1. Commonly used in military HQ's, charachterized by extreme confusion, and genuine, profound disorientation. Often the result of being given different and usually conflicting orders.
2. As above but brought about by a lack of skill or knowledge.
1. Wow that change to the briefing is going to have the staff completely Befuckled.

2. That LT has no clue about that; He's pretty much befuckled.
by tankboy2k April 4, 2006
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Much like the dutch oven, except that you use an unused bathroom as the target.

Eat a bunch of food that makes you gassy (here in Arizona that would be Mexican food). When you sleep over at someones place (girlfriend, boyfreind, someone you just met, etc.) wake up early and take a huge shit in the bathroom. No fan. Shut the door. Leave the stench for them when they get up to take a whiz.
That girl took me home, but I was so logged up that I had to pull an AZ oven on her.

I had to roll out of that bitches house, but I left her an Arizona oven before I split.
by tankboy2k August 16, 2006
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1.A military term used to describe the operational condition of a piece of equipment. It means the equipment in question is NMC or is broken down. Equipment can be deadlined for safety reasons such as fuel leaks, inop headlights, Missing seatbelts, etc.
2.To have an injured body part limiting your ability to perform certain actions.
1.I can't get a dispatch for my truck, the fucking headlights are inop.
Looks like we're not going anywhere today, my panzer is throwing fuel everywhere, run over to the CPand tell the XO we're saftey deadlined.
2. No freq hopping for me this weekend, My main gun is deadlined from that girl last week.
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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1. A military term for a particular setting on a radio. The security for the radio relies on the radio(s) to be in sync with each other time-wise. This setting will allow the radio operator "suck" other radios that are freq hopping on the same frequency onto the right time. In a tank platoon, the Platoon Sergeant should be the freq hop master, but usually the Platoon Leader will think that if he is the freq hop master his radio reception will improve, but in reality, only chaos ensues.
2. Usually a title bestowed on someone that has had or is hoping to have, a great deal of success Freq Hopping. Often a self-appointed title.
1. Blue 4 (Platoon Sergeant): Blue 1, 2, and 3 this is blue 4, check to make sure you are NOT in freq hop master.
Blue 2: Roger. I'm good.
Blue 3: Roger 4. Just checked, we're good.
Blue 1: Blue 4 blue 1
Blue 4: Blue 1, blue 4.
Blue 1: Blue 4 blue 1
Blue 4: Blue 1, blue 4, radio check.
Blue 1: Blue 4 blue 1
Blue 4: blue 2, blue 4, run over to 1 and fix his shit.
Blue 2: Roger.

2. Tom Patton: Hey sarge how was your weekend?
Me: Awesome!
Tom: Do any freq hopping?
me: Hell yeah! You?
me: Dude you are so lame.
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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1.Military acronym for Non Mission Capable.
2. Broken, will not work.
1.Without those parts I'm going to be NMC for a while.
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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The sexual act of a male recieving oral sex while his partner fondles his balls and sticks a finger in his ass. Good luck with this one.
I thought she was just going to blow me, but she wound giving me the french horn
by tankboy2k August 29, 2005
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1. A military term for a particular setting on a radio. Said radio cycles through various frequencies for improved security.

2. An activity often performed by members of the military upon the return from an unusually long or difficult deployment, field exercise, or mission. The activity normally includes, but is not limited to heavy drinking, and attempting to engage in sexual congress with members of the opposite sex.

also see freq hop master
1. Tank commander:Loader, set the radio for freq hop.
Loader: Roger, we're freq hopping.

2. me:Dude when we get back to the states, I'm so going Freq Hopping!
dude: Oh yeah, I'm going to be the freq hop master!
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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