Man, the women in this club are shuttle.

That restaurant has shuttle meals.
by Lombers May 22, 2003
Any vehicle, old or new, that someone has raised above a reasonable ride height in order to accomodate for ridiculously large rims.

Coined by Hip-Hop artist L-Treezy in the yet to be released single "Tell me how you ride" featuring Big Gully.
"Did you see that impala on 28's with a 6 inch lift?"
"Yeah I seen that shuttle"
by L-Treezy September 20, 2006
A verb used to describe any sort of action.
Hey are you ready to blow this popsicle stand? Yeah, let's shuttle!!
by Fritzy September 25, 2006
When a man inserts one end of a hamster tunnel into his asshole and the other end into the other male/females asshole. Then letting off a huge fart. Therefore sending his fart to the other person.
Toby: Jake do you wanna shuttle again?
Jake: Oh yeah, shuttle me, baby.
Toby: Good because I've been holding in this huge fart all day just for you ;)
Jake: I love shuttling with you Toby ;)
by Allupyourfinger January 28, 2017
So high you forget you're on Earth.
"Hey man, I'm so shuttled right now.."
"Me too man, where are we again?"
by CheechORChong? April 30, 2010
Shuttling is where one man places his butthole up against another mans butthole and takes a poop. that poop is transfered from the first mans butthole to the second mans butthole without ever seeing daylight.
i walked into the bathroom and caught these two guys shuttling
by Noel62H April 2, 2011