1.Military acronym for Non Mission Capable.
2. Broken, will not work.
1.Without those parts I'm going to be NMC for a while.
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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No Mudda (mother) Cunt

It is used to exaggerate how great something is replacing the more very.

Commonly used in Caribbean dialect
Similar to: tmc - To mudda cunt
“This song is hard nmc
“That girl ugly nmc”
by A Caribbean person May 12, 2022
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not my concern
Paul: What do we do about this assignment?
Manny: nmc, I'm not taking that class
by Hickin Pikin October 21, 2018
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NMC is an acronym for National Music Camp. A magical sleep-away music camp for gay theatre kids and depressed band nerds. (strings who’s her, never heard)
Band Nerd: hey NMC is in a week, are you exited?

Theatre Kid: HELL YEA !!!


Band Nerd: the orange juice at NMC is so watered down

Theatre Kid: isn’t it always?
by shrek’s swamp September 14, 2019
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