The expression of such utter distaste for a person or object that it calls for the personal denial of its worldly existance. Can be used to express disintrest, hatred, or something/someone that has gone out of style.
Torn jeans are so last season. They're dead to me.
by muchluv November 22, 2005
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A phrase used as a comeback to let someone know they're dead to you
Tom: I slept with your mom, Greg.
Greg: You're dead to me.
by Thomas Wight December 30, 2005
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A sarcastic comment that is used when teens pretend they don't like their friends.
Jenny : Jay your so dead to me!
by PrettyBoy is real December 3, 2016
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When a person gets to the point where they stop logging into Facebook because they are fed up with all of the pathetic and mundane posts by people who are trying to give the appearance their life is great, but in reality they’re unhappy and miserable.
Loser: Dude, why haven't I seen you on Facebook?

Non-Loser: Because I cannot stand all those fucking losers who are trying to pretend how happy they are. If they didn't have a forum to pretend they were happy and post pictures of their ugly kids,

they would probably be french kissing the barrel of a gun. Facebook is dead to me, you fucking bitch.
by Caoimhghin August 25, 2016
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An outrageous show centered around life, death, the afterlife, and Banana Bonanzas (with xxx-crispy bacon) at Der Waffle House.

The central troupe of undead consists of:

1. The plucky, though often apathetic, George (conked on the noggin by a flaming toilet seat - hurtling through the atmosphere at 200 mph from the Mir Space Station).

2. Mason, our dear lovable, half-wit, alcoholic, junkie. His accent makes ladies swoon . . . as does his signature scent (an unforgettable melange of Eau du Hangover and Alcoholicious).

3. Roxie, the rough, tough, bitter cop. She takes a certain delight in making sure that everyone adheres to the rules. And yes, she can kick your ass. And she'll look good while doing it.

4. The disarmingly ditzy Daisy. Hey, who hasn't she had sex with?

5. And, of course, Rube. Any group like this needs a level-headed, logic-minded, compassionate, sympathetic leader. Riiiiight. He maintains his control because, according to Mason, he "withholds the love". But as Rube points out, he can't withhold what he does not posess.

Dead Like Me, unfortunately, looks to be DOA (the slave of Satan, Bob Greenblatt, nixed a third season - presumably because of penis envy of the MGM lion). Sad, sad, sad.
The cancellation of Dead Like Me is, well, eleven kinds of suck.
by SweetDivaNY January 3, 2005
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Dead Like Me is an awesome show on Showtime about A girl named George(Ellen Muth) who is hit by a toliet seat and becomes a Grim Reaper. Her merry band of reapers includes her boss Rube(Mandy Patinkin), The fuck-up Mason(Callum Blue), Tough-as-Nails cop Roxy(Jasmine Guy), and a wannabe actress named Daisy(Laura Harris).

Unfortunately, this wickedly funny show has been cancelled by Bob Greenblatt(see Devil's Spawn)and unless something is done, one of the last great shows on TV will die.
Dead Like Me is fucking great and underrated!
by ReaperAyane December 30, 2005
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Dead Like Me is a television show on Showtime about a girl who has died and become a grim reaper.
OMG Dead Like Me is on, must watch!!!
by Wendy December 13, 2004
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