A person who is sooo in love with a Loser that they keep hanging in a bad relationship instead of doing what is best for themselves i.e. To Leave
My friend is so torn over this Dogass stud!
by M Mosby June 22, 2006
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To be confused or indecisive about something.
I don't know if I should get the sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo Im torn!
You want to balance the realms but you want you want evil to last longer? im torn.
by $iddy Boost May 26, 2019
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Torn is a multiplayer text based rpg. Since the old game, combatgrounds, has went down- Torn has risen to power. Torn is now one of the most played text based rpg's on the whole internet. Since Torn has made a live section music of rock and roll for it's users, it's population rose up to 200,000 users logging in per three hours! Mainly with it's live chatrooms, forums, and online radio- torn has become the most popular, and played, text based rpg on the net. There is an average of 150,000,000+ messages sent within the hour (not counting Live chat and forums).
"Hi Dan, did you play the game again today", said a person. "No, not this time. I'm playing Torn now!"
by Zota June 18, 2009
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The song that brought One Direction together. The very first song that One Direction sang together. "Torn" is a song that Directioners will never forget. It's what created our world, One Direction. We must all praise this powerful song. This song is the reason why One Direction made it to the X-Factor, and the reason why true Directioners started to love them.
"'Wut Maks u Butiful' is the VERY 1th song Won Dierctin sang!1!!" said the Directionator

"Bitch please, it's all about Torn" fucked the Directioner
by the5homosexualsfags June 14, 2012
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Barrhaven, ON slang.

Refers to a chick that is no stranger to the cawwwk.

Due to her numerous sexual encounters, her vaginal flesh is likely TORN wide open.
Hey Chuck, check out that torn. $10 bucks says she can deepthroat a Louisville Slugger.
by Claude The Greener January 16, 2009
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To be raped violently so that ones sexual organs, vagina or anus, are torn.

May also occur from having extremely vigorous sex.
"My friend got raped, she had three tears, it was horrible."

"Man, she got torn."
by I_hate_your_face August 23, 2008
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texting porn. picture text messages sent from one cell phone to another, gaining sexual pleasure and also humality
jenny got in troble because of all of the torn she sent out
by jo jo123 April 8, 2009
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