De wae is de wae of the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe. Their goal is to find a queen and praise her and to show people de wae of the deval. When angered the tribe spits on people and clucks their tongues to scare threats away. They also do this to people who refuse to learn de wae.
Ugandan Knuckles: Do you no de wae brudda
Person: I do not want to learn de wae
by Just someone who nos de wae January 13, 2018
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Used by the Ugandan Knuckles tribe to describe "The Correct Path" The Ugandan Knuckles tribe often try to go de wae
Dis is not de wae
Do u no de wae.
We must follow de wae.
Dis is not de wae.
We must follow de wae of the queen.
by Codename_S January 8, 2018
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De wae is de wae, obviously. Now you know what it means :)
Person 1: I know de wae
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I know DE WAE, OK?
Person 2: What in the world is de wae?
Person 1: De wae
Person 2: That doesn't help.
by Maria =^.^= April 27, 2018
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ebola ridden plains covered in spit where you should find da queen
de wae is near my brodas.
by colininthehouse October 9, 2018
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Dis is de ritual of the ugandan knuckles tribe. Dey search fo a kween, (basically knuckles + bobs = queen) and praise er. If angery, dey will spit on yu, or cluck to call reinforcements. Dey will even battle enemi knuckle triebs, but, dey can never beat a communist knuckles.
Do you know it broda? wae?
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