A sarcastic, condescending, or taunting use of the word angry used on someone who is angry over something trivial or insignificant. Typically used in jest in some sort of explosive statement.
Your dad is playing country music and yelling "yee haw" again? ANGERY STEVEN!
by Sud! June 27, 2005
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A joking way to say that you are angry or upset but you actually aren't

Can also be used in a condescending way towards people who get angry at things that are very obviously jokes
1. Person1: *runs friend over in video game*

Person2: *chuckles* "aNgery"

2. Person1: *runs friend over in video game*


Person1: *baby voice* "oh, are you angery? Did you get very slightly inconvenienced because I tried to make this a little more fun?"

Person2: "I hate you so much"
by Dömbryßi January 17, 2020
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When there are vegetals in your no vegetal steank
Stonks guy: Where Steank
Waytr: He'r e's your steank with NO VEGETALS as your ordered sir
Stonks guy: Cool and good
Stonks guy: I taste a vegetal
Stonks guy: ANGERY
by BigStupidIdiot June 02, 2021
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a word used by tanyka, austin and charmaine when they have no other words to explain the anger they are feeling
austin: i am angery
tanyka: why are you angery
austin: a friend messaged my girl
charmaine: id be angery as well
by angery101 February 06, 2017
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Stick your finger in a butthole, yell their name. They turn around draw circles around their eyes with the feces that is on your finger. They run out of the house and knock the trash can over.
I was with a girl last night did the angery raccoon. I haven't seen her since.
by Coeus_Press March 28, 2016
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