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a ghost fighting game that is very Ghostbusters esc, yet it features a familiar green plumber that we have all come to know and love, Luigi. you use a Vaccum cleaner esc machine called a Poltergust which was designed by professer egad to capture and store ghosts such as Greenies, shy ghosts (a ghost shy guy), Polterpup etc. luigi has to save Mario from king boo who captured Mario and trapped him in a painting.
Did you hear!!! nintendo mande a new luigi's mansion for the switch called luigis mansion 3!!!
by colininthehouse October 08, 2018
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a beautiful and graceful pokemon who deserves to be in smash bros. ninetales can shoot fire or ice at its enemies to protect itself or offspring. this is a caring pokemon who cares alot about its offspring or trainer enough that if something hurt their trainer it would easily go and attack the attacker and usually win. there is two types of ninetales, alolan and normal. the normal ninetales is a fire type while the alolan ninetales is an ice and fairy type.
by colininthehouse October 05, 2018
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ebola ridden plains covered in spit where you should find da queen
de wae is near my brodas.
by colininthehouse October 09, 2018
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something that grows outside and usually dies in winter. you give them to girls to make them like you, or the other way around.
yo girl heres some flowers
by colininthehouse October 09, 2018
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A bad game that has stupid emotes, dances, skins, and game mechanics. people care more about this game than they do anything else. people have died playing fortnite and people say "at least he died doing something he loves"HE DID NOT DIE DOING SOMETHING HE LOVED, HE DIED DOING SOMETHING THAT BRAINWASHED HIM INTO DOING STUPID DANCES IN REAL LIFE AND CARING MORE ABOUT THE GAME THAN THEY DO THEIR LIFE. people have been dumped by their girlfriend because of this game. if you wanna play a real game play smash bros.
by colininthehouse October 09, 2018
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