a word that you call your close friends typically used before their name.
person 1: "hey broda WakowE what's up?!"
person 2: "broda bingbang i just railed a girl last night. it was sick."
by LMAOwhatisthis March 10, 2021
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a very smart friend/bro. Combining bro and yoda.
"thanks for giving me the answer, you are such a broda"
by TheUrbanKing July 22, 2009
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A term defining the Brothers in Arms a group which includes,
Lee (Raging sea monster)
Long (wimbytherollingwombat)
James (rager)
Jesh (The Lion)
Kev (Khonda)

Frank Harmo#2)
Joel (Harmo)
Person 1; Hey see that lad over there?
Person 2; Yeah, what about him?
Person 1; He's a brodaness!
by The Brodaness March 25, 2013
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A full grown man who is enthusiastic about baby yoda
James is a broda because he loves baby yoda
by 3I3ah December 27, 2021
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A bro with yoda level skills. This is a person who excells far beyond the normal level of a person on this planet. His skills of all thing parties can only be described as those skills by the master Jedi Yoda from a galaxy far far away.
Nick and I were at a club, and the way he was picking up girls was as if he was using Jedi mind tricks. A true master Broda.
by drummer9318 October 9, 2011
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(1) A bro one goes to for advice. (2) A really short bro
by The Barnacle July 30, 2009
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1) Last name of the amazing singer of Abandon All Ships
2) A supreme level of hotness in a male
1) Martin Broda is my hero!
2) "So, you gonna go out with him?"

"Duh, he's so "Broda"!"

"OOH, got that right!"
by CrazyK68 May 18, 2011
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