We do everything for da queen...
She will die, most sad tings.
But we will find a new queen

Knuckles + Bobs = Queen
“We jump toughether, DIe toughether, do everyting toughether, spit toughether
All, 4 da queen”
by UgAndAnn KnUxles January 18, 2018
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a gurl that knoez she iz da shit and has a lot of confidence in herself no matter whut otha people may say or think
Yo, dis Amber bka Lil Mike and Im da queen 4 sho
by Amber bka Lil Mike February 12, 2003
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The queen of the Ugandan knuckles, one of the quests that they undertake to find the wei. The requirements are that you have to be a believer, and often it is mandatory to be a female.
Knuckles #1 I have found our queen!
Knuckles #2 DA QUEEN!
The rest of the tribe *loud appreciative clucking noises*
by DAT KNUCKLES BOI February 2, 2018
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What one does when looking for the way and they find the fake queen
Look bruddas she is not da real queen, spit on da fake queen
by Da way of the devil January 24, 2018
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