de wae of de deval; the ugandan people strive for dis, which pretain the 5 principles to the ugandan warrior: ONE: we sniff to identify. TWO: we spit on the enemy. 'spit' 'spit' 'spit'. THREE: we must find de queen, because she knows de wae. FOUR: we shall never freeze. people always say "freeze!" and point their weapon, but we shall never freeze. AND LASTLY, we must always, ALWAYS show dem de wae.
"I will teach you de wae; de wae of de deval"
by DA COMMANDA February 5, 2019
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“Do u no de wae
“I cannot find de wae”
“I must find de qween
“Spit on them bruddas”
“We do not freeze”
These are the legendary sayings from the ancient Ugandan warriors, they once invaded all of the land of VR and were the most powerful force ever made in the history of memes. But not until the qween was seen as a fake. The Ugandan warriors then set out on a strike and spit on de qween ever since then they have been searching for the real qween and to this day they search and search for the loyal qween
Ugandan warriors:”my qween, do u no de wae?”


Ugandan warrior:“The qween is a fake! Spit on her!”

Fake qween:”oh no I must run”

Ugandan warriors: *spitting*
by YoungDaggerBoi January 9, 2018
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The best way to kick off 2018 is by creating a meme based off sonic!!

This meme takes place the game “VRChat” which is a free game on steam. In this game you go around making friends with the many other players. You can also change your character into practically anything from anime girls to Scooby Dooby Doo himself.

This meme is of a sonic character named Knuckles. Basically you are from Uganda and warship the devil. You are: The Ugandan Warriors

If you get lucky and find your queen you must click your tongue to show your thankfulness. If you find a poser queen you must make a spitting noise, this due to the fact no one likes attention seekers. You can also jump on fellow players to suck out their blood for the devil. At all times you must imbue yourself with a African accent.

Your goal: spread de wae to the other users and to find your queen.

Or you can just be annoying as possible and make every player hate you.

-AJ L.
Knuckles: do you know de wae?
Anime girl: what?
Knuckles: She does not know de wae, spit on her bruddas!
by YaBoiSkinnyP January 8, 2018
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Only certain things, actions, or people can show de wae, or even be the wae. De wae can be seen or shown for as a few seconds, and some people see de wae for their whole lives. As of today, only the Ugandan Knuckles warrior tribe in Uganda are the only known beings to not only transcend their power into becoming a meme, but being the only ones who know that de wae exists, and are capable of finding it, with the help of their commander and queen. De wae is everywhere, we just don't know where to look.
by Xavrien24 January 14, 2018
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