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The long awaited sequal to the universal magnum opus that is "it's raining tacos" and, just like It's predecessor, it is a timeless masterpiece that will be cherished for generations and generations. All hail TAQUITOS!!!!!!
My golly, gee wiz, it's hailing taquitos
by Russian Vesper April 20, 2019
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there is not a thing in this universe that is better or will be better than the masterpiece that is "it's raining tacos" song, and the person who made it continually tries to top it, but nothing will ever top it, this is truly a gift from God
by Russian Vesper January 15, 2018
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you misspelled euphemism or euphoria, but let's make this a real word,

euphornism, pronounced (you-for-knee-ism) is the feeling you get when you post a well written document, make a delicious sandwich, or create an amazing animation that has you wanting to run around a lot and boosting your confidence, but at the same time has you wanting to do something with your life

overall, this is the best feeling you could get.
i misspelled euphornism, this mildly displeases me
by Russian Vesper January 14, 2018
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the year that is compared as being so much worse than 2004, the monkey trial began, the year Hitler published a book (apparently Hitler was an author.. who knew)

oh, a relay that inspired the Iditarad happened this year
in 1925 Percy faucet disappeared.

Was he ever found?

by Russian Vesper January 4, 2018
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