Abbreviation for Daddy when you're too lazy to type it out fully.
by coolpigeon April 24, 2017
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A famous counter-strike clan known for their explicit winning streaks in CAL-i. The team is usually lead by the allstar player, roman, who dropps 30's every scrim.
fan: hey roman can you sign my mousepad?

roman: sry i'm cal-i
by tinkLe May 3, 2005
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Is the acronym for "Don’t Defeat Yourself." As the expanded notation would imply, it is a word that can be used to identify or describe an action or situation in which the individual inflicts severe harm emotionally, physically, socially, or monetarily to himself without any direct assistance from a third party. Although DDY does imply itself to be a type of warning or advice for a future event, DDY is commonly used in all three tenses: Past, Present and Future.

The most common form of DDY is emotional trauma. Usually, DDY occurs when an individual is attempting to interpret the behavior or intentions of a member of the opposite sex. It is equally common for an individual to “DDY” himself again while trying to decide what course of action to take. Please note DDY is not to be confused with self reflection, meditation, or deep careful thought. DDY is the process in which the individual intensely cycles a small sample of thoughts in order to force form a supposedly thought out conclusion. Every DDY conclusion is irrational and is wrong, thus being DDY. If the forced conclusion turns out to be the correct decision, then that decision was a good decision under pressure not DDY. DDY conclusions by definition must be wrong and absurdly in conflict with a well thought out solution. A “DDY-ed” or a “DDY-ing” individual will display and behave in a combination of confusion, stress, distress, panic, dissatisfaction, disappointment, worry, and indecision. Individuals are usually quiet while DDY-ing themselves and are very vulnerable to the power of suggestion.

Physical DDY occurs usually after experiencing some other form of DDY. In a frantic state of confusion, humiliation, frustration or a combination of the three, the individual attempts to perform a task which requires balance, careful/sudden movement, or quite simply undivided attention. Random Physical DDY also occurs fairly often. Examples of such can be seen in the many “PWNED” videos that are circulating the NET where individuals are attempting particularly risky feats without any obvious motive other than just to try. Soon after a Physical display of DDY, fresh new forms of the other DDY’s along with more familiar terms such as, GG, PWNED, WTFPWNED, OMGWTFPWNED, LOL, ROFL, LMAO, OMG, OMFG, usually follow.

Social DDY most commonly occurs with the presence of Alcohol. History has revealed that the general scenario is that an individual surpasses his own limits which then leads to disruptive, embarrassing, or highly inappropriate behavior. Symptoms include but are not limited to invading the personal space of others, the sudden twisting of third party nipples without provocation, the desire to “credit card” spoken-for partners, and the glorious puking which everyone is fond of.

Monetary DDY can and usually does follow any of the previous types of DDY. It can come in the form of a medical bill, the destruction of ones vehicle/vehicles, the destruction of ones property, an agreement to purchase an item substantially above ones means, or most popularly visiting Las Vegas or the local casino. This particular form of DDY has very strong tendency to compel the individual to repeat other forms of DDY.
1. (After a long term relationship breakup) "That song was DDY man, too many memories.

2. (while trying to stay on a diet) Do i want to go have a hamburger for lunch and DDY myself?

3. DUDE DDY MAN! You bought a $80K car with 29.9% apr ???

4. (talking about a friend that is moping about breaking up with a girlfriend) Yea, he's at home DDY-ing himself.

5. (Slipping on a bannana peel you littered earlier) DDY foo.

6. (While playing poker and betting like you have the best hand but you dont) DDY FOO !!!

7. (Scratching your car while trying to wax it) DDY FOO...

8. (Trying to eat breakfast while trying to finish a paper on your laptop only to spill the OJ on the keyboard and frying your laptop and losing your essay) DDY FOO!
by Dctrpark June 22, 2006
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DameDesuYo, the best fansubbing group out there
you should def check them out
"Dude DDY subbed the 4th season of Attack on titan at the speed of light, and that light guy is really hot ngl"
by margarettt November 4, 2021
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