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A beautiful male with sweet corn nipples.
*whispers* Razz get your sweet corn nipples over here
by coolpigeon February 9, 2015
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Girl #1: "I fucked Mike before school then Darious after lunch... would it be bad to hook up with Kyle tonight at the party??"
Girl #2: "No girl!! Do that!! Get that dick!!"
Girl #1: "You sure?"
Girl #2: "Yeah I'm here to hoetivate you and it's only right for you to keep your pussy poppin' all hours of the day."
by coolpigeon April 24, 2017
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Like motivation... but for hoes.
Girl #1: "Give me some hoetivation so I don't feel wrong for making back to back dick appointments please."
Girl #2: "Don't deprive yourself from getting dicked down!! Take two at once if that makes you happy, live your life!"
by coolpigeon April 24, 2017
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Abbreviation for Daddy when you're too lazy to type it out fully.
by coolpigeon April 24, 2017
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An anime character from Vampire Knight (first released in 2008) based off of the manga (first published in 2005).
Person #1: "Who is that?"
Person #2: "Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight."
by coolpigeon July 29, 2014
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