fresh dressed,fresh kicks, smell fresh, b fresh.fresh
caps is fitted,im all about them dropps.
by 8legspyder December 26, 2009
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An alter-ego that only appears when someone is absolutely shitfaced. The alter-ego has a completly different personality and does things they eventually regret in the morning. The person is usually blackedout and usually pukes alot.
My freind Drags was so hammered last night, he was Sloppy Dropps
by TPK4life May 16, 2011
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Chocolate Dropp is a fine ass boy he's smart cute cool funny knows how to dress and especially likes to flirt but wen he gets a lady he's down for that girl if they do sum wrong he say fuck em but he smexyy asf too and also wen y'all lady's throws it back he gone fuck y'all shii up just to let u cute lady's know
Damn who's Chocolate Dropp, he's one fine ass boy
by MoneyMann September 12, 2017
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Walking or hiking Winchester Tennessee mountains half way or to the top and then u come up too a sudden drop 400 feet down sudden drop leads to death
Dropp Off. Hiking with my wife and suddenly she over the hedge of the mountain and she drops off 400 feet down too her death
by Lovin wife September 28, 2019
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