Down The Islands...a favourite retreat of people from Trinidad and Tobago. As the name implies, it's a bunch of small islands off Trinidad where people go to "lime", enjoy the sun and relax. Often associated as a past-time of the rich and privileged, though there are numerous opportunities for the general public to spend days "ddi" via small touring agencies. The only way to go "ddi" is by boat.
by lolibrigade September 5, 2013
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Abbrevation for Don't do it.
"You want an advice from me - DDI."
by RMCF January 30, 2008
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The abbreviation for Data Design Interactive, the worst videogame developer in the history of mankind. See Data Design Interactive.
DDI recently released a game that scored 0.8 out of 10.
by morph09 February 14, 2009
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DDI is a american singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer.
DDI is a american singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer.
by SpotifyforArtists April 29, 2021
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Direct Dial In
A psychic phenonemenon
off hook dialing (ie: off the phone but in communicardo)
I was having a case of the DDI's
by Sped November 20, 2003
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Digital Device Imagery-The stuff that gets put on computer screens, cell phones, video walls, in TV and Movies. It replaces the out-dated term 24 frame playback. Fake google searches, fake facebook sites, surveillance footage all made for movies or TV
Did you see Claire Danes in Homeland when she walked in front of those interactive screens? That was some good DDI.
by EFXFREAK April 20, 2012
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stands for "dont deep it" when your friend or someone youre talking to goes into detail about a small issue and thinks of unrealistic consequences that might happen. usually used in texts.
nabila: omg i got 70% on my exam, i'm gonna get disowned by my parents- ugh im gonna cry
ruby: are you serious? DDI.
by nabi August 20, 2019
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