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One of the best recent shows on TV. Based on the Israeli series Hatufim by Gideon Raff, it was developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, two of the writing veterans from 24. The show is often alluded to as a more adult version of 24, what with some of the writers from season 7-8 joining, as well as Sean Callery composing the music. It also has strong language and nudity, and deep, rounded characters. The critical acclaim has been overwhelmingly positive and it has deservedly won awards.

The first season sees agent Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) trying to figure out whether a recently re-discovered, thought dead marine called Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) is a turned terrorist. The many twists and turns keep the show on edge and you always want more because it's so goddamn awesome!

Season 2 recently started, and to not spoil anything, it's main plot concerns another planned attack on US soil.
Dave: "Did you watch Homeland last night?"
Gerald "Absolutely! I was not expecting that to happen at the end! I can't wait for the next episode!"
by mrowcat November 17, 2012
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1. American Nazi term derived from and equivalent to German Naziterm "der Fatherland". Der Fatherland was used by Hitler to impassion Germans with patriotism, diverting their attention from laws, legislation and programs authorizing genocide and ethnic cleansing.

2 Emotionally laden term used by Baby Bush to describe the lands and territories of United States of America to artificially stimulate U.S. citizens (and the press) to overwrought and zealous patriotism as a diversion from critical analysis of legislation depriving citizens of Constitutiona rights and freedoms.

3. Used by Baby Bush to engender patriotic and mindless support in U.S. citizens for his ill-conceived plan to complete the invasion of Iraq initiated by Papa Bush

4. Bush administration code name for a coordinated governmental plan to deprive U.S. citizens of coveted Constitutional rights and freedoms, with the vocal support of a majority of those citizens.

5. As a verb, to stimulate emotions to the detriment of thinking and analysis.

6. As a verb, to deceive, swindle, defraud, or embezzle, through emotional manipulation of the victim. To overcome rational thoughts by appeals to emotions or patriotism.

7. Offensive term denoting taking of land and property through the use of force, deception, temporary treaties, land grants and unfulfilled promises, primarily used by governments and gangsters.
1. Hitler's homeland programs authorized sending Jews to concentration camps.

2. "The homeland must be protected at all costs from rare, isolated attacks by members of cultures we do not understand or appreciate. We will kill more than 100 people (regardless of culpability) of each culture whose members were involved in the attack for each U.S. citizen or soldier killed by those attacks, as mobilize our military to subdue that culture."

"After the citizens relinquish their personal freedoms and liberty, we will be able to establish and enforce Christianity as the homeland religion. Citizens will be too frightened of arrest or retribution to resist. All for the glory of our God."

"We'll homeland them so much, that they will rally in the streets for us, even as we search their homes, library records, telephone records and surveil them with hidden cameras."

3. "We must protect the homeland from Iraqi terrorists and finish Poppy's, er Daddy's, er H.W. Bush's invasion and march to Bagdad".

4. "We will homeland them into agreeing to the Patriot Act. They won't know what hit them until after we have acquired their most precious Constitutional rights."

5. "The cheerleaders homeland the crowd so well, that the bad plays are not noticed.

6. "Infomercials homeland the audience" or "We'll homeland them at the seminar so well, that they will pay us lots of money for services and products they do not need." "The homeland worked. I voted for Bush."

7. "We'll homeland the neighborhood into paying us protection money." "The homeland worked! The Indians moved onto the Reservation."
by cynic1313 March 31, 2007
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