taken from the show dial m for murder, dial d is for devious. Can also refer having sex or trying to attempt sexual relations.

"That girl from last night was hot... oh yeah? did you to dial d"

"Hey whats up any dialing going on tonight?"

"What is up with your friends mechanic? He seems to be a bit of a dialer, Don't you think he is ripping you off?"

"Well I got dialed upon last night, my (friend) was going to pick me up but ended up being a dialer and I got dialed upon"
by DJ Talal December 5, 2006
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1. To be under the effects of MDMA.
2. To have dialated pupils from MDMA.
1. "I'm dialing hard."
2. "Your eyes are dialing/dialed."
by Diego June 20, 2003
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to be absolutely focused/ mostly referencing a send
Adham was fucking dialed in last Saturday
by Kyle Foregard June 22, 2021
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a situation, event, person, or even a BMX trick that is, or was done perfectly. Derived from Derek Girard, FBM.
Dude, jeff, your Mom is dialed!

by littlejoey August 10, 2007
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To have a sequence or procedure mastered to where it is almost second nature.
I beat Ganon so many times that summer, I had the whole game pretty much dialed in.
by Ash April 26, 2005
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