laughing quietly inside -- deep, deep inside.
Eunice: (talking to a bald guy trying to be funny) "Hey cueball."

Bald guy: (sarcastically -- preferably dead-pan) lqi-ddi.
by ctree1 July 6, 2011
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A tiktok challenge where you take the first and last letter out of your name. In this case your name is Addie. BAM.
Ddi is so funny
by Hiiamperson May 17, 2021
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The most obnoxious girl in the world who makes tiktoks all day and is super annoying
Person 1: hey do u know ddi
Person 2: oh yeah they are super obnoxious and annoying

ddi: *moans* 🤤
by Shacklo June 11, 2020
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It is a bank which is imaginary creation of aaron
by 420sunny February 9, 2022
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