See also Trinidad and Tobago and Tobago. Half of the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Second largest of the Commonwealth Caribbean islands (behind Jamaica). The most southernmost of the Caribbean islands (although Guyana, a mainland country in South America, is the southernmost of countries considered Caribbean). Musically, Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace and headquarters of calypso and soca music and their variant genres; the steel pan (the official instrument of the Caribbean, and the only instrument invented in the 20th century, besides, arguably, the turntable); the limbo dance; the home of the largest, most reknowned of all the Caribbean Carnivals; and the prime exponent of masquerade, or 'mas.
Calypso, soca, and the steel pan were born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago, and are now produced by countless other countries.
by TommyZero August 17, 2012
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A name for a girl of incredible and exotic beauty. More than that, however, she has an intellect that far surpasses her good looks. Loyal until the end, she is the ultimate life partner.
Such a girl is of incredible rarity and only one is thought to be in existence.
I think I might have seen Trinidad once but I can't be sure.

He's so happy I think he may have found his Trinidad.
by Lives-in-Darkness February 5, 2010
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A notoriously violent neighborhood in Northeast Washington D.C... Composed of liquor stores, row homes, and dilapidated buildings. An entire section is all deaf people as well. Its sucks they got thrown in that shit hole.
(Guy 1): Let's go to Trinidad in D.C..

(Guy 2):We aint got no buisness bieng there.
by dc guy666 July 11, 2008
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A country with a buck stealing your food, a man noticing his goat by it's smile, a man becoming a woman and then going back into a man (Kia), zessers, everybody fully dunce, apparently they find a condom in Machel conclusion, Trinidad is not a real fucking place .
A nigga: Ayo dude, you heard about the guy who shoved a whole curried goat up his asshole and ran around the Savannah screaming "ROWLEY MUST GO BRING D DRUNKARD BACK!!" in Trinidad?

Another nigga: Yo Trinidad is not a real fucking place mayne...
by GoodpussygyalfigettingZ July 2, 2019
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Sex Change Capital of the World. At south end of I-25; Population under 10,000; average 5 transgender surgeries a week for economic boost of $1.6 M to this small town. Trinidad featured in episode of Prison Break, and surgeon Stanley Biber featured in episode of South Park when he performed sex change surgery on elementary school teacher Mr. Garrison.
I'm "taking a trip to Trinidad", do they used recycled parts?
by Still Me July 11, 2008
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A man, woman or thing with 3 dads.
Guy 1: I got a mum and a dad.
Guy 2: Oh, Yeah! I got 3 Dads!
Guy 1: Yo a Trinidad!
by Jack De April 5, 2008
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the best islands in the universe! home to hot guys with accents and beautiful secluded beaches.
i went to trinidad and tobago this summer with my friend.
by booboo July 22, 2003
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