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A state run program that, despite it's official charter of protecting children, protects abusive women.
They openly discriminate against fathers and have probably killed more children they've "claimed" to have helped.

Their formula is simple:
Mommy= Innocent victim who always tells the truth.
Daddy= Evil person who always lies.
Child= Insignificant.

Steve: Hey Bob, what happened when you called DCF about your ex-wife dying cigarettes out on your daughter?
Bob: They said, over and over, that I wasn't mandated to make a referral. Then they said I was a jealous ex-husband and everything in her home was "appropriate". I had to bring her back to her mother. They also said I shouldn't have visitation rights.
by CT Vigilante May 26, 2006
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DCF Sucks ASS! Known some places as HRS, These are the evil people who like to take children away for no fucking reason
Hi, I'm DCF/HRS and I WANT your child!
by Unleashed2k October 05, 2004
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Acronym: Dutch Clusteruck. Somewhat more fucked up version of a CF
We thought the situation was fucked before, now, it's a total DCF.
by squareman July 18, 2008
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Dick Cunt Fuck

A method of valuing certain stuff on fucking stupid financial statements that's really boring and stupid and gay and sucks shit.
Question: "Dude, what is the value of those deferred assets in the company balance sheet?"

Answer: "I don't know, asshole. You haven't done the DCF (dick cunt fuck) you fucking jerk."
by Ballzinyerface March 19, 2010
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She said she went to school with Troy Aikman, and would think he was cute if he wasn't such a DCF.
by Sean Brian Kirby May 08, 2004
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