A day trip. A day long vacation. Most daycations take place in amusement parks, or sometimes the beach.
Pete: Why weren't you at work yesterday?

Bill: Oh, the girlfriend and I took a daycation to six flags.
by bobmcd123 August 23, 2007
a vacation that only lasts one day
"that was an awesome daycation"
by Seditious Jason April 11, 2009
I'll be away today. I'm taking a daycation.
by Ethan Anderson March 10, 2008
A short trip out of town for only a day. Leave in the am and return in the pm.
Robin~ Let's drive up to the lake on Sunday and have lunch. No, not over night just a daycation.
by woopadedo August 27, 2007
A vacation for a day, away from anything that is bothersome, such as a parasitic significant other.
I need a daycation from that bitch, she sucks all of the energy out of me.
by Sweetghuy August 14, 2009
When you find your neighbor's hidden house key and sneak into their house, leaving only an hour before he/she comes home from work.
I went to my mom's house for a daycation. She never knew I was there.
by Treeteeg January 8, 2010