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The theory that the internet phrase lol,meaning "laugh out loud", can be placed at any part in any sentence and make said sentence lose all credibilty and seriousness.
ex 1
Doc: We need to operate on your colon lol, you have cancer.

ex 2
Jesus: Take this all of you and eat it, it is my body, lol.

ex 3
Me: Will you marry me? Lol.

^Lol theory in action
by bobmcd123 August 28, 2007

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A day trip. A day long vacation. Most daycations take place in amusement parks, or sometimes the beach.
Pete: Why weren't you at work yesterday?

Bill: Oh, the girlfriend and I took a daycation to six flags.
by bobmcd123 August 23, 2007

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Placing toilet paper around the seat of a toilet, to form a protective barrier from the germs on the seat. Mostly done in public bathrooms. Looks remarkable like a birds nest
Me: I don't wanna pewp in that stall, it looks real disgusting...

Dave: Dude! Just birds nest it!
by bobmcd123 September 11, 2007

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The funniest podcast ever, hosted by the funniest man alive, Jimmy Pardo. It's just three guys talking, telling stories, for about an hour each week.
Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap are on Never Not Funny, the funniest show ever.
by bobmcd123 March 02, 2008

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