Maschinenpistole Mp-40

Manufacturer: Erfurter Werkezeug und Mascinenfabrik (Erma), Haenel and Steyr.
Caliber: 9mm (Parabellum).
Selector: automatic.
Capacity: 32 projectiles.
Weight: 4.03kg vacía/4.70kg loaded.
Length: 833mm.
Firing chamber: 25 or 32 Cartridges.
Speed of firing: 450 to 550 projectiles per minute.
Initial speed: 381 m/s.
Battle range: 200m.

Introduced in 1938, at a time when the rest of the submachine guns in the world was unnecessarily heavy and expensive, the new Mp-38 "Maschinenpistole" of the company Erfurter Maschinenfabrik (Erma) I revolutionize the idea of which a submachine gun would have to be. The Mp-38 and its companion the Mp-40 allowed to establish a production in chain, becoming a very effective weapon for the close combat. He was present from the Invasion of Poland in September of 1939 to the final days of the Third Reich in 1945concept and continued development in the post war era. In the first month of World War II the Germans fielded the revolutionary MP38 weapon. Just a little over a year later the Germans introduced the MP40 machine pistol. While the MP38 changed the way machine pistols looked, the stamped sheet-metal MP40 revolutionized the way they were made. Soon all of the allied nations scrambled to develop and field machine pistols (submachine guns) of their own.
The first inexpensive sub-machine gun to be fielded in war.
by The Sneak January 22, 2004
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In Call of Duty World at War this is known as the noob gun because it takes no skill to use at all. It's the M16 from Call of Duty 4 except it's fully automatic.
It ruins WaWs online play.
Guy 1: Take off the Juggernaut and learn to use a gun that takes skill faggot!

Guy 2: But... But I suck and I can't use anything else except for the most Overpowered bullshit gun in the game!( MP40 )
by THA WABBAJAK! April 22, 2009
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1. A submachinegun used by the Nazis in WWII.

2. The most noobish weapon in Call of Duty: World at War. About 90% of the people that play that game use it and over half of them just spray with it. A true noob cannon.
1. My Grandfather owns an ol' MP40 from WWII. It still works!


Normal player: Oh my fucking god, put away that fucking MP40 you stupid nooby little faggot, there are other guns you know.

Noob: STFU!!!! I roxxors u n00b!!!!!1111 I KIxxked ur A@@!!@!!1111 I am 1337

by justawhatev March 6, 2009
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The MP 40 is a submachine gun chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartidge. It was developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by the Axis powers during World War II. Barrel length: 9.882" Rate of fire: 500-550 rounds per minute. Place of origin: Nazi Germany. Variants: MP36; MP38: MP40; MP40/1; MP41. In service. 1940-1945. (Nazi Germany); 1940- present: (Other countries) Produced: 1940-1945. Parabellum cartidge: 9x19mm.
The Nazi tank operator fended off his position with his MP40.
by REE man September 20, 2020
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A unskilled gamer who uses the MP40 in Call of Duty: WaW to get easy kills in multiplayer.
1. "Omfg sad MP40 noob"

2. "Wow dude you call yourself beats for using an MP40?"
by PTRS Noob October 16, 2009
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A noob on Call of Duty World at War for the Xbox 360 and Ps3 who uses the mp40 because they know Treyarch didn't know the difference between a 9mm and a .50cal when making this game.
Damn MP40 whores are pissing me off they will be garbage in Modern warfare 2
by gogreenz January 23, 2010
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