A Elite/Leet word for Rocks or kick ass, can also means put to shame.
I Roxor's ... And you Suxors.
by StraTon Son September 29, 2003
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To rock someone socks off, boxers off, cock off. mmmmmm....cock
SHEEET!!! That pwndaddy roxored my boxors!!!
by Wallin October 15, 2002
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To defeat your opponent or otherwise humiliate him/her. Can also be used in reference to sexual dominance. Originated with the internet slang term "r0x0r".
"John can't play pool for shit. I roxorated that punk bitch."
by quadmonk April 09, 2005
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adj. Roxorz, Roxored

Variation of the word Rocks. Using the slang difinition meening something that is good, or great, or awesome. Usualy found when playing online games.
"Dude, I roxor at counter strike, no one can beat me!"

"35/6, dude that score roxorz!"
by Tom the Yeti July 09, 2004
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(n) anything good and/or to your liking.

(adj) a euphoric state of being

(v) performing an act that will invoke a euphoric state.
im r0x0r.
Damn yo, today's been roxor as fuck.
Let's get roxor.
by Luis March 25, 2004
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adj.- describes something found to be so awesome that it should make you want to instantly scream and make devil horns with both hands \m/ \m/ This would include such things like taking photos with celebrities, calling into talk shows with celebrities, posting pictures of you with celebrities, and helicopters.
I was backstage with Korn, it was so ROXOR!!!! \m/ \m/ Yeah!!!
by spikey bracelets February 16, 2006
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