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1) A lazy form of the word "sniper", "snipa"'s are too afraid to try to kill people in FPS games. They are the ones who sit in the corner of the map and snipe people from a kilometre away.
1) "Get the fuck out of the game you fuckin snipa!" - MasterChief15689 said to Th3_Sn1pa as he picked him off for the 36th time.
by Teh Food February 02, 2005
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A righteous, self-loving, power-hog who will stop at nothing until mere world domination is in his grasp.
by Mick February 13, 2003
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When a chick is givin' mad head, and just before a guy blows his load he pulls out and shoots his load between her eyes.
It was all fun and games until he pulled a snypa on me.
by Snypa January 07, 2004
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