move slowly or take up time
i cant dawdle over my coffee much longer
by seenboo October 28, 2015
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(noun) Something that doesn't ever ripen but proceeds to rot.
He never gets anything accomplished even though he appears to work a lot. He's dawdle.

The white of an "over-easy" egg that remains uncooked and wiggly is dawdle.

A fruit that is purchased in unripe condition and quickly rots instead of ripening is dawdle.
by semitame August 14, 2005
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Starin n wastin time
Yo quit Dawdling dude!!!
by Suppp!! ;) August 11, 2011
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To procrastinate to the point of never getting anything done.
Doug "dawdled (verb)" through the paperwork process, so that in the end, someone else had to pick up his slack.
by Special Al April 15, 2010
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Wasting time by looking at people's bookmarks on, usually someone you found because you've saved the same link.
danah likes to reconstruct the identity of a user from bookmarks she encounters during a dawdle, but it's mostly apophenia.
by PBMax May 1, 2008
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It is when you drop your ass-ball (or vagina) connection into someone's face
She fell, so i decided to start sack dawdling her
by omuthafookaimanrealog March 30, 2009
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