its like "i'd hit it"
or wantin sexual relations wif a person from da opposite sex.
dude she hot i'd tap dat.
by sh-tevay and ma-cedes. July 8, 2006
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An expression used to indicate sexual desire for the subject. Used to expresses appreciation for wit, humor, and charm.
Wow maggie has an amazing personality. I'd tap dat charm.
by TheRealHeavyD March 15, 2016
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1. to engage in sexual relations with another. comes from the root: tappimus datus assimus
refers to tapping a keg
by fallacy October 30, 2001
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To have sexual relation with a fat assed woman generally resulting in ridicule.
Yo, look at dat ass...its huge...mmmmmmm

Yo, you dont wanna tap dat keg.
by Sir sabins the swank March 17, 2003
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"is that a keg in your pants, 'cause i'd sure like to tap dat ass'
by Anonymous December 6, 2002
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